Why (most) PTs are a waste of money

Paul Adamson
September 28, 2017

I’ve been observing PTs at gyms in Islington and in Stoke Newington for the past 10 years and it never fails to amaze me how bad so many of them are – they seem to have no clue how to work with clients and I even sometimes see them putting their clients at risk. When they appear even more bored than their clients, looking around, checking their phones, yawning, I think it's no wonder I get people coming to me with injuries picked up in the gym doing things their PT asked them to do. The worst are the ones who swagger a lot, think they're fantastic but know sweet FA (nearly always men). I suppose this is what happens when you can become a PT in just a few weeks having done an online course (at least one company offers a fast-track 2-week level-3 certificate – do you really want to be taught what to do by someone who's done 2 weeks of training?). Mind you, you can do online massage courses now – god forbid I ever get a massage from one of those graduates.

All this is rather a shame because a good PT is hugely motivating and can help you achieve your goals safely and enjoyably. I sometimes use a PT at the Clissold Centre in Stoke Newington and he’s great because he pushes me way beyond what I do ordinarily in the gym and I finish a session completely exhausted but exhilarated – and no part of me has been put in any danger of injury. I sometimes swap a massage treatment for a PT session with this guy. I tell him it’s unfair because when I give him a massage, I do all the work, but when he gives me a PT session, again it's me who does all the work. He just stands there telling me what to do. Guess I chose the wrong profession.

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