What's the point of having a massage?

Paul Adamson
July 24, 2016

Well, you could say because it makes you feel bloody great while you're having it and leaves you feeling rejuvenated for hours or even days afterwards. What's not to like?

And then of course there's all the usual stuff about it alleviating pain, and increasing circulation through pumping oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs and enhancing immunity and relieving the tiredness and strain of overused or poorly used muscles.

But I think the real point of having a massage is that it gets us in touch with our own bodies – that thing that carries us around all our lives, often neglected, poorly understood, taken for granted and horribly abused! During a massage we re-member ourselves – and rediscover connections between our corporeal and spiritual states. Dis-ease is the lack of ease or harmony between ourselves and the outside world. Whatever the source of our discomfort, massage can help us love life a little better.  

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