Let's dance!

Paul Adamson
October 17, 2017

Hofesh Shechter (pictured here) is one of my favourite choreographers and his company is well known now in this country for its exciting mix of anarchic energy and exquisite rapture. Hofesh, a client of mine, puts his body through a lot and badly needs a massage from time to time. It's the paradox of the really healthy body - it needs as much attention as the body that is out of shape and largely inactive. 

I often advise my clients who hate the idea of going to the gym or the pool, to take up something else they might enjoy. Dancing is great exercise, for the legs of course, but also for the pelvis and hips. If you suffer from a tight lower back - often from sitting at the computer for too many hours - then one of the best things you can do is get up from the desk from time to time and rotate the hips and do a few pelvic thrusts. That may all look a bit suggestive carried out at the workplace so if you prefer, do it while cleaning your teeth or when going for a walk. 

I have quite a few clients who are professional dancers and they don't always have the healthiest bodies - putting your body through all that stress takes its toll - but I reckon if we all did a bit of dancing, we'd improve hip mobility and keep up our mojo. Because dancing is great for the soul.

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