What to do with covid deniers

Paul Adamson
February 25, 2021

Wouldn't it be great if we could get all the idiots in Arizona and in this country and elsewhere who think the coronavirus is a hoax or a consequence of 5G or whatever other lunatic theory they have and refuse to wear a mask or get a vaccine, if we could get them all to spend just one hour in an intensive care unit of their nearest hospital? Failing that, we should sit them down in a chair and get them to watch this video from the New York Times (the BBC has also done fantastic reporting from inside covid wards but I guess covid deniers don't watch the BBC or will just say it's all part of the hoax).


By the way, many hundreds, if not thousands of covid deniers who refused to wear masks or follow basic precautions are now dead from the disease they thought was a hoax.

Note to ICU nurses

From April I'll be back offering reduced price treatments to ICU nurses. Please get in touch.

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