How much should a massage cost?

Paul Adamson
August 10, 2016

The cynical answer to this question is - as much as people are prepared to pay for one! I started thinking about the cost of massage when one of my clients the other day rather sweetly suggested that I should put my fees up – he'd been to others in the Islington and Stoke Newington areas, he explained, and they were more expensive (he also said something about them not being as good either but I'm far too modest to repeat that!). Fees for deep-tissue massage of between £70 and £90 seem to be about normal in the Islington area and between £65 and £80 in Stoke Newington. I was once asked to join a practice (which I won't name) in Islington. I was told that the client (that's you) would be charged £85 but the therapist (me) would only receive £25. I didn't take up that deal and I'm surprised anyone would. 

Sometimes I need a massage myself of course - rather often in fact. I normally exchange with a very good therapist who lives in Stoke Newington but I also like to try other people - partly to steal their techniques, and partly to see what other people mean by a deep-tissue massage. I like massage that gets deep into my muscles - I like the masseur to really work for their money! If I've had a great massage, I don't mind handing over £80 if that's what it costs. But it still seems to me quite a whack of dosh. I charge about £20-30 less than a lot of masseurs in the Islington and Stoke Newington areas and of course there's always the danger that people think if it's cheaper it won't be as good. But I've alway believed in keeping my prices reasonable and I offer discounts for students and for those over the age of 65. I also treat some people for free each week because I don't believe being broke should stop you getting a massage if your body is calling out for one.

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