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Deep-tissue massage is specific, efficient, penetrating and effective. It uses thumbs, elbows, fists and knuckles as tools, addresses the source of pain but does not need to be painful.

ICU nurses – reduced price treatments
ICU nurses have borne the brunt of the Covid crisis and worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic. I offer reduced price treatments for ICU nurses on Mondays. Deep-tissue massage costs just £30.
Treat someone to a massage: just pay for the treatment online and drop me a note to say who it is for. I'll send them a voucher letting them know it's from you.

If you like soft, pampering massage such as given out in a thousand spas up and down the country each day, do not come to me. I do not do massage by numbers.

Come to me if you want me to break down held tensions, finding areas of the body that are not functioning as they should be, or with the freedom that they need. Come to me if you can feel the stress of life in your muscles, your posture, your breathing, your thoughts.

The kind of work I do brings a much deeper sense of relaxation. I combine firm pressure on areas of tension with lighter, more calming strokes to induce a sense of wellbeing and connectedness.

Each massage is different – it can be restorative, invigorating, calming, deeply relaxing, but it can never be mechanical.

Having a massage is a remarkably effective and pleasurable way of looking after yourself and keeping healthy. Try it some time.

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When do I need a massage?
You need a massage long before you realise you need one.

I'm just after a really good relaxing massage – is that something you do?
A lot of what I do is for those who have no particular complaint but simply want a deep relaxing massage to revitalise. It is maintenance of the mind and body. A massage is a great way of staying out of trouble.

Do you ever do soft 'holistic' massage with whale songs and candles? Never 

Is deep-tissue massage painful?
Throughout the massage you'll get moments when you feel ‘good pain’ – I always respect your tolerance for this kind of work. ‘No pain no gain’ is a nonsense. 

Should I choose 55 minutes or 80 minutes?
In the shorter session I can work on one or two specific areas – back, neck and shoulders, for example. If you want me to work on both upper and lower body, it's best to book an 80-minute massage. Also, if you want a deep, relaxing full-body massage with some stretching, an 80-minute session is needed.  

Do you use stretching in the massage?
Absolutely. I love stretching clients in ways they cannot stretch themselves – and they love it too.

Is massage good for everything?
No. I often refer clients to my colleague Radi, an exceptionally talented osteopath who works in Stoke Newington: 07871 373680. He also does sports massage.

How can I buy a massage as a gift for someone?
Just click on the link below – choose either a 55 minute or 80 minute massage. Let me know the address of the person you want to buy the gift for and I'll send them a card which serves as a voucher they can use within 3 months.

Do you offer discounts? I offer discounts to full-time students, members of the police force, frontline NHS nurses and others who need help to afford a treatment. I may ask you to come on a particular day and time and the discount must be agreed with me in advance.

Is there parking?  
Why drive? The Tube and Overground station is just a few minutes away.

Buy a massage online to treat yourself or someone special


Paul trained at the London School of Sports Massage. He holds a BTEC in sports and remedial massage – level 5, the highest level attainable. He has been treating people for 12 years. He swims, works out and cycles most days, loves eating cake and reads too many books. He has spent the past 15 years trying to persuade himself to take up yoga. So far, he has failed.

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Treat someone to a massage: just pay for the treatment online and drop me a note to say who it is for. I'll send them a voucher letting them know it's from you.


"I travel right across London to get a massage from Paul once a month and feel de-stressed and energised afterwards."
David Hews, Pepys Rd, SE14

"The massage Paul gave me was superb, focused and professionally performed. I felt greatly relaxed and energised afterwards."
Dawn, Stoke Newington

"This is something really special. Paul is an expert masseur. He knows exactly what he's doing. He gave me an incredible deep tissue massage – thoughtful, considered, powerful. He worked my muscles expertly, left me feeling unwound and relaxed." 
Thomas, Islington, N1

"Paul's touch was almost like no other! His touch spoke a thousand words & was able to engage every muscle. His hands were firm but painless! Assertive but extremely sensitive! Highly recommended."
Akeem, Stamford Hill

"Absolutely Fantastic is all I can say. With massage you never know what to expect, but with Paul you get a thorough first rate service. Simply the best!"
Alex, Stoke Newington
"Highly recommended. Paul is an experienced masseur and helped me to stretch through some pretty intense leg soreness. I feel much better and can only recommend a massage with him. Professional, courteous and friendly."
Rebecca, Highbury, N5

"The most amazing massage. I have had severe whip lash in my neck but after a session with Paul it released so much tension that mobility was increased by 20% or more. Really deep tissue moving some really old knots and totally freeing up some. Very firm hands and a masterful control of the body."
Sam, Cross Street, Islington

"I have had many massages done in the past but Paul has given me the best massage treatment ever, I very highly recommend him."
Nick, Albion Road, Stoke Newington

"Paul seems to have a sixth sense in finding those spots that need work and he gets to work on them with skill and care. I loved the long deep strokes and the work on the neck was wonderful."
Toby, Old Street
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Please call or text for an appointment or use the online booking above.

07951 445 165

Treatments take place just a few minutes walk from Highbury & Islington Station, 3 minutes by tube from King's Cross, 7 minutes from Oxford Street. 

£75 – 55 minutes
£95 – 80 minutes

I offer discounts for full-time students, frontline NHS workers, low paid and the police – to be agreed before arrival. You can pay by card, Apple Pay or bank transfer. If cancelled less than 24 hours before the appointment, the full fee must be paid.

Buy a massage online to treat yourself or someone special. A massage makes a great gift. Use the form on the right to let me know the person's name and address and I'll send a card telling them about your gift.
Easiest way to book is online but you may also call or text. For enquiries about gifting a massage or any other matter, please use the form below.
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