Men and their bellies

Paul Adamson
October 8, 2016

What is it about men and their bellies? It's like we have given up on them. I'm not talking about those with huge drum bellies (I can't imagine what it must be like to carry those around with you everywhere!) but fit guys who train their legs, their biceps, their pecs and lats, but resist training their abs. I'm one of them. Training abs is just so painful - though my Islington PT now gives me exercises to do in the gym that train the abdominals without having to do 100 sit-ups (thank you!). 

I've noticed a lot of guys have great bodies but they still have bellies. As someone who is addicted to cake, I know how difficult it is. You begin by telling yourself you have to lose those few pounds around the waist but after a while you think to yourself it doesn't look too bad and before you know it, you've put on a few more pounds. You make a concerted effort to get into shape but after a couple of weeks, you tell yourself really, who cares? And anyway the rest of you is looking pretty good ... 

I would say 80% of the male clients I treat could do with losing some weight around their bellies. I tend to tell them – doesn't go down too well sometimes but I think if I don't tell them, who will? My love of cake means I have to be hard on myself too – it means a constant struggle to keep the fat off the middle. Fortunately, I enjoy swimming and I enjoy the gym and I cycle everywhere – but even so I have to be vigilant. As my partner never fails to remind me: 'Abs are formed in the kitchen.'

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