Fat people

Paul Adamson
December 7, 2017

I'm merciless in telling overweight clients that they need to lose some padding, but telling someone who is fat going on obese that they should lose weight isn't terribly useful as they probably know already. Showing someone how to lose weight is a different story, however. 

A friend of mine has struggled with her weight for years. Then a couple of months ago I introduced her to someone who didn't just give her a diet, but worked out a whole load of simple recipes she could use. He explained what the recipes were about and how they would reduce her calorie consumption and allow her to lose weight. The recipes were all delicious and there was no sense of having to give up food. He also spent a day with her showing her how to cook the recipes. It was a bespoke service, hands-on, non-lecturing, educational – and fun. And it worked. She's already lost 8 kilos and has had to buy new clothes – a couple of sizes down. More importantly, she feels so much better about herself – it's a real pleasure seeing what a difference it's made to her life.

If you are interested in this wonderfully absorbing and very effective personalised service, where you can learn to cook AND lose weight, email Stefano: stefano.arturi@gmail.com

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