Of pillows and mattresses

Paul Adamson
March 30, 2019

If you belong to generation rent, it's likely you are going to suffer more back, shoulder and neck pain than your property-owning neighbours for the simple reason that the beds you have to sleep on are almost certainly worse quality. A private landlord renting out a furnished property doesn't get a higher rent if he splashes out on a decent bed and so it's not surprising that many of my clients come to me with problems that are either directly attributable to a poor quality mattress, or are exacerbated by it.

Most people spend a third of their lives on a bed so why would you not do your research and spend as much as you need to to get a bed that is going to maximise your chances of a good night's sleep? I already have a great mattress at my Highbury home but the next time I come to buy one I'll probably take a look at the research carried out by Which? It seems you don't have to spend a fortune to get a really good mattress these days. And some companies allow you to try out a mattress for a month or more, which I still find pretty astonishing.

I often ask clients how long they think they're going to be in the flat or house they rent. If it's a year or more, it's certainly worth thinking about replacing the clapped out mattress the landlord has put in with one you're happy with.

And while you're out getting a new mattress, take a look at pillows too. One good pillow is all you need. Use two and you begin to put strain on neck and shoulder muscles.

Once you've got your mattress and pillow sorted out, all you need is someone to share them with...

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