Feeling relaxed?

Paul Adamson
September 5, 2018

I had this male model come to see me this week and he had one of the most relaxed bodies I've ever worked on. At the end of the massage he said he felt great and asked me when he should book in again. 'In about 5 years' time,' I joked. He didn't seem really to need a massage. But my client told me that his job was actually really stressful and that he had to work hard not to carry that stress in his body - it was stressing him out trying not to look stressed! That's the image he was selling and that's what made him so successful as a model. He booked in for three weeks' time.

Other clients seem to use me as part of the emergency services! Not exactly A&E but they come to me in a desperate attempt to do something about their habitual neglect of their bodies. They seem to save up all their stress until they can't take it anymore and then get me to pummel it all out of them. Then the whole process starts over and they begin building up their stress again.

Many clients ask me how often they should get a massage and it's a question I find difficult to answer. Sometimes a client does need a few sessions in fairly quick succession. I normally tell a client to come back when they feel they need another massage. I have many repeat clients. Some come to me every 2 weeks, others once a month, and others every once in a while. Then there's the client who comes in, sits down and tells me with great determination that he's decided to start looking after himself better and wants to book a massage with me every week or month. I smile, knowing I will never see him again.

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