Stretching – and being stretched

Paul Adamson
June 29, 2017

I wish I had £1 for every time a client tells me they stretch but 'not as much as I should'. We all know we should be stretching, especially after exercise, but few of us do much of it. Yoga, of course, is a great way to stretch, but generally spending time stretching is - well, dull. I don't care much for stretching myself – though I do enjoy certain stretches, such as a pec stretch against a door jamb. I'm too lazy. After a swim or a cycle trip or a gym workout, I may spend a few minutes stretching but it's with reluctance and it's all over rather sooner than it should be.

But being stretched by someone else is a different thing entirely. I love it! It's an exquisite combination of (good) pain and pleasure. My PT and osteopath friend Radi comes to me in Islington once a week and stretches me. It's great but it also makes me realise how stiff I am. Must do more!

Most of my clients need to be stretched and I can stretch them in ways they cannot stretch themselves. So many people have tight calves, hamstrings and quads. But tight pecs too, tight triceps, tight neck muscles. A mix of massage and stretching can work wonders. If you haven't ever had anyone stretch you, mention it to me when you come round for a massage and I'll make sure we spend some time stretching. It might even stretch your mind!

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